Top Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

How Companies Benefit from GPS Fleet Management

Vehicle Tracking devices give you the ability to closely monitor driver behavior and find opportunities to improve fleet efficiency. With our software, you can set up automated alerts to track speeding and idle engine times. Reducing these driving behaviors, tracking vehicle usage and optimizing driver routes can help reduce fuel costs. Adjusting routes to reduce drive time allows fleets to run more efficiently and lets drivers focus on providing better customer service to their destinations. Our GPS Tracking Software helps companies acrossSri Lanka reduce fleet operating costs and manage mobile assets more efficiently. While the possibilities are endless, here are a few examples of how our fleet management systems can benefit your business:

Reduce Rising Fleet Expences

Poor driver habits can hurt your fleet’s efficiency and waste more fuel. Our GPS tracking System for both vehicles and drivers can help to prevent poor driving habits and wasted fuel costs.

Eliminate or Reduce Overtime

Our System gives you real time information and accurate reporting of your mobile workforce. This information can be used to track any unnecessary vehicle usage and cut down on employee downtime.

Reduce Downtime of Employes

Track My Car's GPS tracking software gives you the ability to calculate the time it takes your workforce to travel to and complete tasks, effectively giving you the opportunity to complete more jobs each day.

Reduce Vehicle Operating Costs

Timely maintenance of your vehicles is an easy way to keep your fleet’s operating costs under control. With our GPS Tracking, you’ll be able to record and schedule the maintenance of your fleet vehicles.

Eliminate Employee Fraud

Theft and waste are a fleet manager’s worst nightmares. Our fleet tracking system, coupled with our advanced monitoring software provides supervisors with the real-time knowledge of where their property is at all times.

Increase Your Profitability

Our System will help significantly grow your bottom line and manage finances for your fleet more efficiently. Running a fleet with moving parts requires discipline and access to data to make informed decisions.

Improve Your Fleet Safety

Safety is everyone’s primary concern, especially with fleets comprised of hundreds of vehicles. Track My Car's GPS fleet management software helps you implement measures to improve overall driver protection.

Document Actual Routes & Stops

GPS tracking gives you detailed reports of driver routes so that you can ensure they are taking the shortest, quickest distance between locations. This allow you to analyze and optimize routes leading to lower fuel costs and less vehicle maintenance.

Vehicle Route Planning

Many GPS devices offer the features of Geo fencing and Auto fencing. These features help the fleet admin in the route mapping. The admin can set a locality for driving and if the vehicle runs outside of this area, an alert message delivers on the registered number.

Overspeed Detection

Speed is one of the major factors for any transport company. Over speeding is very harmful for driver, customer as well as for the vehicle. It is very important for drivers to drive at a particular speed and obligatory actions can be taken when required

Maintain Customer Satisfaction

With greater visibility into your fleet and optimized routes, you can maintain customer satisfaction from order to delivery. Out GPS Tracking System includes messaging tools and optimized routing features will mean your drivers can reach their destinations on time.

Safeguard Business Reputation

Every time a vehicle leaves your yard, it becomes a reflection of your business to the public. GPS tracking software allows you to monitor driver behavior on the road, reducing accidents and maintaining satisfactory driving habits. When drivers are safe, your company reputation is safe.

Locate your assets

Every time a vehicle leaves your yard, it becomes a reflection of your business to the public. Our System allows you to monitor driver behavior on the road, reducing accidents and maintaining satisfactory driving habits.

Be competitive

You can beat you competing by streamlining your transportation business with GPS fleet management systems. You will be able to reduce costs, provide first-class customer service and keep your employees happy as well.

Reduce paperwork

GPS systems will help your drivers, dispatchers and managers do away with all the paperwork as the system can automatically track and store the minute details and present it in a user-friendly form when needed.

Changing Driver Behaviour

Operating a fleet isn’t just about managing vehicles – it also requires managing the people that drive them. That’s where a wireless fleet management system can provide many benefits for your company and its drivers.

Maintaining accurate records of driver behavior and vehicle activity keeps drivers accountable during the workday. Our 10-second updates give business owners the opportunity to monitor employee activity throughout the day, and our digital timesheets provide more accurate accounts of hours worked. GPS tracking isn’t just for trucks fleets, it also gives business owners visibility to their mobile assets, including boats, heavy equipment, bulk containers and more. When you can’t have someone on site to monitor your assets, our GPS software provides location information for enhanced security and accuracy.

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