GPS Tracking for Construction Companies


  • Reduce fuel costs – Significantly cut idle times, eliminate unauthorized usage and generate mileage reports to stop fraudulent fuel purchases.
  • Pinpoint location of vehicles – Our real-time GPS tracking allows you to view trucks and heavy equipment on one screen for one or multiple job sites. Quickly locate the equipment you need and ensure maximum productivity from your crew.
  • Improve your billing accuracy and avoid disputes – Accurately document work hours and equipment time on the job. Track My Car enables easy invoicing and provides solid evidence in the event you need to settle disputes over hours billed.
  • Help in recovery of stolen assets – Directing law enforcement to the last known location may help in a quick recovery of stolen vehicles and the expensive equipment inside. Enjoy the peace of mind of proactive loss prevention

Improve Budgeting With GPS Tracking for Construction Companies

Construction is a business of managing expenditrues and cutting costs. Few areas of your construction business offer greater opportunity for improving efficiency and ROI than your vehicle fleet. With GPS tracking for construction companies, you can ensure that your construction vehicles are being used as efficiently as possible, while also limiting personal use of construction equipment and inefficient driving behaviors — such as excessive idle time which increases your fuel costs.

Track Your Equipment in Real Time and Generate Reports Easily With Track My Car

Track My Car’s construction fleet GPS tracking allows you to select and easily generate a variety of charts and graphs for different aspects of your business, making it easy to improve efficiency and recognize potential risks. You can also quickly pinpoint the exact location of vehicle you need on any job site with real-time GPS tracking. Whether you are tracking your excavator as it travels from one job site to the next, generating a maintenance report for your skid loader or looking to see the route your cement mixer takes from pickup to dropoff, Track My Car's personalized tracking system makes it simple.

Setting up your GPS fleet tracking system is easy. Once you have determined which GPS system will work best for your business and how many devices you need, they will quickly arrive — tested, certified and activated for use. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can easily navigate the straightforward, Internet-based, real-time tracking system, so there is no need to spend precious work hours in training.

We understand how broad the construction industry is and we have tracking solutions for all applications. Contact us today to speak to one of our dedicated support team members who can help you choose the system that will provide the greatest return on investment for your business.

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