GPS Vehicle Tracking For Over-the-Road Carriers

GPS Tracking For Over-the-Road Carriers

With some of the tightest margins and heaviest competition in the transportation industry, it is very important for OTR carriers to utilize their assets as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Fuel and maintenance costs, route planning and employee turnover are all critical factors that the fleet manager must contend with in order to achieve profitable fleet performance.

GPS tracking is an essential tool that can help with all these concerns and more.

Reduce fuel costs with GPS tracking

One of the most essential functions GPS fleet tracking performs for over-the-road carriers is to help reduce fuel costs. GPS allows your dispatchers to plan the most efficient route possible, shaving miles and cutting fuel expenses. Reducing mileage also saves wear and tear on tires and other parts.

Because fleet tracking lets you know exactly where each of your vehicles is located in real time, it also helps eliminate or reduce unnecessary fuel spend for off-route miles caused by drivers getting lost on unfamiliar roads.

Speeding is another big fuel waster. Reducing truck speed from 75 to 65 mph can save up to 27 percent in fuel costs. GPS tracking allows you to monitor truck speed and save big on fuel.

Use your drivers’ time to best advantage

With GPS fleet tracking, you can provide down-to-the-minute ETAs for pickup and delivery. Knowing exactly when to expect the truck alerts customers to be ready to load or receive the moment your driver arrives, reducing wait time for your driver.

Reduce driver turnover

One of the biggest challenges facing over-the-road carriers these days is hiring and retaining good drivers. Good drivers are hard to find, and even harder to keep.

The increased communication possible with GPS tracking can increase driver retention by helping drivers feel included as a part of the company team. Improved logistics can also help dispatchers plan routes so drivers can spend more time at home — a great incentive to stay with a company. Drivers appreciate the fact that vehicle tracking helps keep maintenance and wait times to a minimum so they can spend more time on the road. And because GPS tracking saves on fuel and maintenance costs, many smart fleet managers pass a portion of those savings onto their best drivers to aid in retention.

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