GPS Vehicle Tracking For Sales Vehicles

GPS Fleet Tracking for Company Sales Vehicles

  • A detailed reporting and car tracking system helps you manage your staff — reducing employee downtime and retaining your best drivers and salespeople.
  • Knowing where your inventory and vehicles are at all times can help prevent theft and minimize unauthorized use of company assets.
  • Improved tracking and reporting keeps drivers in their designated territories while also improving mileage reimbursement procedures.
  • GPS tracking for cars provides accurate information about your vehicles and business operations, allowing you to use fewer vehicles and resources to do equal or more work.
  • Fleet reporting and maintenance scheduling allows you to ensure your valuable fleet equipment is always well maintained, extending its life and reducing your replacement costs.

Company Vehicle Tracking Provides Tools for Accurate Arrival Estimates

Track My Car vehicle tracking units are ideal for sales vehicles that take your employees and products on the road, allowing you to keep track of your business assets while reducing costs. When your business travels all over the map, it is critical to know the location and arrival times of your vehicles with reliable GPS tracking devices for cars. Assisting lost drivers, improving schedule management, reducing driver tardiness and accurately predicting arrival times are all key factors in operating a better business and increasing profits. Combined, these benefits allow you to provide your customers and clients with more accurate arrival times.

Reduce Risk for Your Sales Force with Company Car GPS Tracking

A fleet of company cars is a great asset to your sales force, but they can also be a tremendous liability. When your sales force leaves the office to hit the markets and sell your products, your company's reputation is on the line. Not only that, but cars are often the subject of theft, leaving you thousands of dollars in the hole if you cannot recover the lost asset. Company vehicle management tracking systems from Track My Car help you limit some of this risk. When you implement company vehicle tracking into your fleet's standard operations, you are able to provide a measure of accountability to your drivers. In addition, you can provide the last known coordinates to law enforcement officials should you be the victim of theft.

Improved Record Keeping to Streamline Back End Operations

When working with sales professionals using company cars, you will need a streamlined way to monitor sales territories, keeping your salespeople in their designated boundaries. Tracking mileage is tedious, and when it comes to monitoring locations, you must rely on the word of the individual sales professionals when you don't have GPS tracking. Track My Car's company truck GPS tracking can keep tabs on these details for you, helping streamline your back-office tasks and make your entire business run more smoothly, with accurate reimbursements for all of your salespeople.

Vehicle Tracking Units and Solutions You Can Trust

Are you ready to invest in company car GPS tracking to streamline your efforts, reduce your risk and improve customer satisfaction? When you call Track My Car, you’ll speak to a real person with real answers to your questions. Find the car tracking solution that best fits your needs — whether you need a cellular system, pure satellite system or a mix of the two. Setup is simple, and our GPS car tracking devices are delivered tested, activated and ready to track! If you have any questions about GPS car tracking systems, give us a call and we’ll help you find a solution that meets your needs.

Call us today to find out which car tracking system works best for your business.

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