GPS Vehicle Tracking For Public Works Companies

Track My Car GPS fleet tracking for Public Works departments allows you to:

  • Save fuel costs and reduce emissions – Real-time tracking lets you choose shorter routes and monitor truck speeds for optimal performance. You’ll even be able to track how long a vehicle is allowed to idle!
  • Avoid costly overtime – Ensure that each job is completed in a timely and professional manner by accurately tracking employee time per job and comparing time card information with vehicle history.
  • Respond quickly to service calls – Track My Car’s software uses Google technology to let your dispatcher quickly and easily determine the closest available truck, minimizing customer wait times as well as fuel use and vehicle wear.
  • Improve fleet and public safety – Real-time monitoring and accurate reporting of truck speed and driving habits allows you to coach your drivers for improved vehicle safety.

Better Meet the Needs of Your Local Community With Fleet Tracking for Local Government Vehicles

Your public works fleet is a significant public asset. In the face of federal, state and municipal budget cuts, it is increasingly important to maintain superior vehicle and operations efficiency while continuing to provide excellent service and value to your taxpayers. Implementing GPS Vehicle Tracking systems is an excellent way for public service departments offering electric, gas, water, sanitary, and/or waste management services to meet budget and maintain fast, efficient customer service.

Track My Car’s GPS fleet tracking systems let your fleet manager monitor every vehicle on a minute-by-minute basis, whether he is at his desk or on the go. This will save you money, improve security and bring peace of mind to your taxpayers, who can be assured that their public works department is offering the best service possible without straining the budget.Whether your public works department serves a small rural area or a large municipality, we have affordable GPS tracking systems to meet your needs. Our systems are quick and inexpensive to install, and can easily be used by anyone with basic computer skills. Contact us today to speak with one of our professional, knowledgeable representatives who can demonstrate the technology and accurately assess your needs.

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