GPS Vehicle Tracking For Fleet Vehicles

GPS Tracking for Fleet Vehicles

  • Lower Fuel Expenses: By knowing where your fleet is at all times, you will be able to maximize routing efficiency to reduce fuel expenses
  • Optimize Routes: Knowing where your vehicles are at all times allows you to optimize routes, minimize money spent on fuel and time spent on the road. Our real-time GPS tracking shows you exactly where your vehicles are at all times.
  • Minimize Unauthorized Use: Fleet drivers are notorious for taking company vehicles on side jobs. Minimize this by keeping drivers accountable through real-time GPS tracking. You will know when drivers take an unauthorized side trip in a company vehicle and can put a stop to it.
  • Improve Fleet Safety: Knowing where your drivers are and what they are doing can help make your fleet vehicles safer. Avoid known traffic problems, keep tabs on driver behavior, and improve the safety of your drivers in the field with GPS tracking. Our system also lets you streamline maintenance, so your drivers are operating safe, well-maintained vehicles.
Your fleet provides exceptional value to your company. Whether delivering products to your customers or service techs to the job site, you rely on your fleet every single day. Imagine if you had a way to know where all of your fleet vehicles were at all times, and send them directions to get to the next job. That is exactly what fleet tracking does for you.

Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Business Owners

For small-business owners who are managing all of the daily tasks of running a business, streamlining the paperwork, billing and budgeting is essential. With GPS fleet tracking, you can generate detailed reports about fleet use that will help you with budgeting for fuel and maintenance expenses. Your fleet-tracking system also will provide the means to easily and accurately bill clients for miles driven. Fleet tracking also can give a boost to your customer service, as you can provide accurate arrival-time estimates and faster service with efficient routing and tracking. Finally, fleet tracking improves the overall safety of your fleet vehicles by limiting unauthorized use, improving driver behavior, optimizing routes and improving maintenance.

Start Benefiting From Fleet Tracking Today

Improving the efficiency of your fleet vehicles, improving customer service, keeping drivers accountable and getting detailed reports all are benefits of GPS fleet tracking. Such efficiency is especially essential for small businesses, which have fewer avenues to fix the bottom line when something goes awry. So why do so many fleets ignore this technology? For some, it is the fear of the cost. Track My Car lowers the cost of GPS fleet tracking by including only those features you need, making it a truly affordable option.

Other businesses may ignore this technology because of the perceived complexity of getting started. With Track My Car, setting up your GPS fleet tracking is simple. The software is designed to be easy to understand and install, and gives you a range of choices to customize your experience. The devices are easy to mount, and come tested and activated, so all you have to do is mount them, login to the interface, and begin benefiting from Track My Car. GPS fleet tracking benefits fleets in a wide range of industries. From the construction field to over the road trucking companies, you can benefit from knowing where your vehicles are. Contact us today to get started, and see how Track My Car can make a difference in your fleet operations. Together we can help your business be more efficient and effective with a better-managed fleet.

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