GPS Fleet Tracking for Food and Restaurant Supply Companies

How can food and restaurant supply companies benefit from GPS vehicle tracking?

  • Improve driver accountability and limit fuel loss from side trips
  • Keep customers happier with improved delivery times and fewer delays.
  • Keep track of the location of all of your fleet vehicles.
  • Improve chances of recovery of stolen vehicles with GPS location.
  • Use your fleet tracking in the field with your smartphone or tablet.
  • Streamline maintenance to keep your fleet up and running.

Restaurant owners run tight ships. They have to start their food at a specific time in order to meet the needs of their customers as they walk through the door. In order to do that, these business owners rely on delivery professionals to get them their ingredients in a timely manner. If you are delivering supplies to restaurants and food service companies, you must be able to deliver on time, every time. GPS fleet tracking can help improve your delivery times so you can better serve your customers. When food and restaurant supply companies have delivery trucks and vans on the road delivering restaurant and food service supplies, keeping tabs on those vehicles is critical to their success. You need to know where your vehicles are so you can tell the client when they can expect a delivery. You also need to be able to redirect your drivers around traffic and construction to get deliveries to the restaurants in a timely manner. GPS fleet tracking enables you to better serve your customers with GPS location technology. Track My Car has designed a GPS fleet tracking program for food and restaurant supply companies that gives you exactly what you want. Our fleet tracking systems ensure that you have the features you need at your fingertips, and we have eliminated extra features that most small-to-medium fleets don't need so that you can better control your costs.
Until recently, fleet tracking was used almost exclusively by large companies such as DHL and FedEx, who have been using fleet-tracking systems for years to make their businesses more efficient. Now,supply companies and other small businesses can get the same benefit, and at a price that works for them. At Track My Car, we have made the technology available and useful to every type of business with a fleet.

Our GPS vehicle-tracking software allows you to track your fleet of supply companies vehicles from a smartphone, tablet or PC — no matter where you are. Imagine the security of knowing that your employees and vehicles are safe, for an affordable cost.
Track My Car will help you keep your drivers on track, your vehicles well maintained and your customers satisfied. With GPS fleet tracking, your delivery service will surpass the competition, giving you an edge as you work to satisfy their needs.

We understand the demands on today's business owners. Your delivery service is busy, and you don't have time to learn a complicated system. That's why we have designed our system to be easy to learn and implement. In fact, most of our clients find that the system is intuitive enough that they can learn it in a short time, giving them nearly instant access to the benefits offered by the service. All of our tracking units will arrive at your location tested, activated and ready to go. Simply install the tracking units, log in to our tracking website, and you are ready to start tracking your vehicles. Track My Car offers affordable, user-friendly fleet tracking that is ideal for food and restaurant supply delivery companies. Find out more about our system by scheduling a demonstration, or calling for a quote and let us show you how easy it can be to use GPS fleet tracking with your vehicles.

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