System Features

Track My Car’s vehicle fleet management offers the following features

Fuel Monitoring

Route Playback

Daily Mileage

Parking Times

Automated Alerts

05 Second Updates

Maintenance Scheduling

Geofencing Alerts

More Features

Monitor multiple vehicles

Monitor multiple vehicles on a single platform

6 different maps to use

Use different map views (street view, hybrid view, satellites view etc.

Control Vehicle

Remotely Stop/Resume vehicle engine

Service Alerts

Manage your service routine with service alerts

Route history

View & replay the precise routes taken by your vehicle

Ignition Status

Monitor your vehicle's ignition status in real-time


Get notified instantly if the tracker has been unplugged

Live traffic update

Shows status of traffic on map. Available only google maps.

Movement Alert

Alert you with an e-mail, SMS or notification whenever a vehicle moves.

Route to Point

Calculates fastest route from current object location to selected point.

Excessive Idling

Addressing excessive vehicle idling issues by automated alerts and reports.

Search address

Helpful and easy to use tool for searching address on map.

Speed Alerts

Trackmycar Fleet can be set to alert you whenever the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.

Travel Sheet

Provides coordinates and addresses of stops, length between stops and object fuel consumption.

Street view

Opens new window with Google street view of selected location.


POI allow you to put markers at the locations that might be interesting or useful.

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