GPS Vehicle Tracking For Pharmacies

GPS Fleet Tracking For Pharmacies

  • If one of your vehicles is stolen, you will have a good chance of recovering it quickly.
  • If one of your employees is late returning from a delivery, you will know if he/she is stuck in traffic or having vehicle trouble.
  • You can better plan delivery routes to lower your fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Reduce the risk of theft of valuable medicine and medical equipment.
  • Improve employee accountability and customer satisfaction for your pharmacy.

Improve the Effectiveness of Pharmacy Delivery Services with Pharmacy GPS Tracking

The purpose of the pharmacy is to make sure your customers have medications they need to stay healthy and live a full life. Your customers often need you when they are ill or have recently been hospitalized. Home delivery of prescription medications is a service you may consider offering. When you are operating a fleet of one or more delivery vehicles, knowing where your vehicles are at all times is very useful. The GPS tracking services that we offer lets you do just that.

More Efficient Routing Improves Customer Service

Traffic, construction and other unexpected problems all can delay your drivers en route to your customers. When your customer calls and asks about the whereabouts of a delivery, or your driver is late returning to your pharmacy, GPS tracking allows you to know exactly what happened. You can rule out issues such as side trips or personal trips, all while providing customers with accurate, updated delivery times. With Track My Car, you can see instantly where your drivers are and what traffic events they are experiencing. This improves both employee accountability and customer confidence in your pharmacy.

Fleet tracking is not just for large companies such as UPS and FedEx anymore; we have made this technology available to everyone at a reasonable price. GPS tracking software lets you manage your fleet wherever you are with tools that run on your smartphone or mobile device. Without spending a lot of money, you can have peace of mind that comes with knowing your employees and vehicles are safe.

Your sickest customers may have difficulty getting to you for needed medications. Our software makes it easier for you to get the medicines to them, and puts the power of real-time tracking in your hands. With real-time GPS tracking, you will always know the location of your delivery drivers and valuable assets. We want to support your business, the same way that you support your customers. We know that once you experience real-time fleet tracking, you will never want to be without it again. Contact us today and let us show you what we mean.

The black market for prescription drugs is incredibly active, and as a pharmacy with a delivery service, you must be vigilant to protect your assets form potential thieves. Pharmacy asset tracking from Track My Car makes it easier not only to track your assets en route to a customer, but also to provide law enforcement officials with help in locating assets if they are stolen. With Track My Car, you have another piece of the puzzle to help keep your assets secure as you work to protect your business. Learn more today about our GPS tracking for pharmacies and how it can help your pharmacy delivery service thrive.

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