Motorcycle Tracker (TMC-102-A)

provides 24/7 monitoring and protection for your motorcyle

GPS Tracking for Motorcycles with Remotely Engine Stop

A GPS tracking device is going to do little in the way of preventing your motorcycle from theft. However, it’s one of the best things you can have implemented in order to recover it if it is stolen.
Nobody likes to think about the unpleasant idea of having their motorcycle stolen. But it’s much better to plan ahead with effective anti-theft measures rather than hope things work out after it’s too late.

  • Brand Name: Trackmycar
  • Model Name: TMC-102 with Remotely Engine Stop
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Battery Life: 1 To 4 Hours
  • Warranty: 1 Year

About the Product

★★ Why Every Motorcycle Owner Should Use a GPS Tracker ★★
Whether you own a Harley or an ordinary motorbike, you should know the importance of motorcycle tracking device. Recent police records show that traditional security methods are not enough when it comes to securing motorcycles. Many motorcycles even with system alarms and locks are stolen. What the motorcycle owners need is a device that will enable them to get their motorcycle back after it’s been taken—and this is where the importance of motorcycle tracking device comes into play.

◉ The ability to track your motorcycle live gives you protection against theft and reduces insurance costs.
◉ Should your designated bike be in an unauthorized area, you can receive alerts via email or SMS regarding their location and movement.
◉ Fleet managers and drivers can pinpoint the exact location of their assets and take necessary action to ensure that the motorcycles are returned quickly and safely.
◉ Helps managers track their staff, which in turn provides much better customer service – sending the business to the front of the pack, competition-wise.
◉ Helps you act quicker and more efficiently during deliveries or in locating your vehicle to find out where your staff is, even help guide them to locations that they have difficulty finding.
◉ Geofence features allow you to add up to unlimited zones, where your motorcycle is, or is not authorized.

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