Fuel Monitoring

Save Fuel, Save Money

How can GPS vehicle tracking save you money? Monitoring and changing the driver behavior that causes inefficient fuel use is the key to conserving fuel and money.


  • Stop needless and wasteful idling using our StandStill report tool
  • Monitor excessive speed, which needlessly consumes large amounts of fuel
  • Stop jackrabbit starts, harsh braking and aggressive driving with our Driver Behavior feature
  • Curtail nonbusiness use with after-hours monitoring
  • Limit wasted miles by directing drivers in unfamiliar areas using Google Routing

Eliminate Needless and Wasteful Idling

Idling engines waste fuel. It’s that simple. Idling for just 10 seconds uses as much gas as turning off and restarting the engine. Turning off the ignition not only puts more money in your pocket, but it also improves air quality and helps to protect the environment.

How Track my Car Helps

Track My Car’s vehicle tracking service generates a Stand Still report that allows you to monitor the duration time of a vehicle that was running but motionless. Get alerted to idling trucks and wasted fuel.

Monitor Excessive Speed

Driving at speeds greater than the vehicle’s optimal fuel efficiency decreases gas mileage — and at speeds above 55 mph, gas mileage decreases rapidly. Drivers can increase miles per gallon and save a considerable amount of fuel and money simply by observing the speed limit.

How Track my Car Helps

Setting speed limits for each of your vehicles allows you to monitor excessive speeds. Analyze your report and take the appropriate actions.

Limit Wasted Miles by Directing Drivers in Unfamiliar Areas

GPS navigation systems save time as well as fuel by providing the precise location of the destination and the most efficient route for getting there. Eliminate driving around aimlessly searching for an address while wasting fuel. Plus, it’s safer than attempting to read maps and printed directions while driving!

How Track my Car Helps

The Google Routing feature lets you see where a vehicle is on a detailed Google map — from any computer with an Internet connection. Pinpoint locations, plan the route and communicate the information to your drivers.
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