Real Time Alerts

Monitor Exceptions

Customize Track My Car's alerts feature to make you aware of exceptions — in real time. Receive alerts when speed is exceeded by a set amount, when there is no activity for a set time, when vehicles arrive and depart certain points and more. With mobile GPS and your smartphone, you can track your fleet wherever you are.


  • Know immediately when a vehicle arrives at a location
  • Call a driver to ask why he or she is speeding
  • Stop after-hours usage as it is happening
  • Monitor idling in real time

Track Vehicle Arrivals

Have you ever received a call from a customer asking where your driver is? When a vehicle is delivering goods or making a service call, it’s important to be able to provide an accurate estimated time of arrival to the customer, and then confirm the exact arrival time.

How Track my Car Helps

With frequent GPS tracking updates, a dispatcher or fleet manager can get an accurate sense of where a vehicle is and when it’s expected to arrive at its destination. Improve customer service with a better estimate of arrival time and provide alerts to customers when drivers encounter unexpected delays. Late-arrival alerts let you know that a driver is taking too much time getting from one location to another.

Address Speeding Quickly

Speeding is dangerous, consumes excess fuel and costs your company money in the form of expensive traffic tickets and higher insurance premiums.

How Track my Car Helps

Our GPS tracking lets you set live speed alerts to notify you — in real time — when drivers are going over the posted speed limit by a specified amount. See speeding violations as they happen and send a message to the driver inquiring about the reason for the speeding and telling him or her to slow down.

Stop Unauthorized Use

Your company is liable for any damage your vehicles cause, even if they are used after hours and without your permission. When your trucks go home with your driver, you need to know that they’re not being used for side jobs or weekend trips.

How Track my Car Helps

With our real-time alerts, you can stop after-hours usage as it’s happening. Know instantly if your vehicles are being driven during nonworking hours. 24-hour tracking lets you know where your trucks are 24 hours a day so you can eliminate unauthorized use
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