Route Playback

Review Route History

Track My Car’s powerful Web-based vehicle tracking software, which is included with every purchase of a GPS tracking system. With Track My Car System, you can monitor your fleet from anywhere with an Internet connection. Among TMC’s features is the Animated Map Replay option that allows you to retrace a vehicle’s route on a map screen for a chosen date and time. The map creates a “bread crumb” trail, allowing you to see the route the vehicle traveled. Each icon has an arrow that indicates the vehicle direction at the time of this particular GPS position. When you click on an icon, a legend box appears. This box provides the time the vehicle was at that GPS location, and the vehicle’s estimated speed, directional heading and street address


  • Follow the route the driver took
  • Identify problem areas where the Vehicle was delayed
  • Review activity using the integrated Vehicle Activity information
  • Verify driver behavior

Features and Benefits of Map Replay:

? Follow the Driver’s Route

? Make sure the driver followed the efficient, predetermined route. Find out if there were any unauthorized stops along the way.
Identify Problem Areas

? Confirm that there is ongoing construction or another reason that the driver did not arrive at the destination on time.
Review Activity

? Help identify drivers’ troubling trends and low productivity as applicable.
Verify Driver Behavior

? Confirm that drivers worked the hours claimed, if vehicles were driven off-hours, or if a particular employee habitually drives aggressively or dangerously.
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