Bicycle Tracking system

Bicycle Tracking system

If you are looking for the best way to protect your bike against theft, and holding a baseball bat and never leaving its side is just too inconvenient for you, try bike tracking. It is so simple that even people who are virtually untouched by IT can use it. The tracker is a device that can be attached to your bike and connected to your smartphone.

Track My Car offers a bicycle tracking system designed specifically for the space-constraint and design of a bicycle. Designed to comply with the Sri Lankan road conditions, tracking laws and road safety rules, this energy-efficient and waterproof tracking system offers the following benefits:


Review Routes Traveled

The route of commute is not only captured online during use, this bicycle tracking system also allows you to replay the route in history. This helps to compare and analyse the data and make necessary changes in the routine for further improvement.

Emergency Alerts

Be assured of instant alerts in cases of bicycle theft or misuse. This instant alert feature ensures sending alarm signals about emergencies. The built-in GPRS allows you to track the current location of the bicycle and helps in recovery even after theft.


The bicycle tracking system is embedded in a waterproof device to ensure protection from rain and water-splashes. This waterproof feature not only allows for an uninterrupted tracking, but also ensures durability and reliability for long-term use.

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