Logistics Transport system

Logistics Transport system

Industries in recent days have been noticing a steep rise in demand for Fleet management system to cater their need of automated transport solution. However, many organizations have started to prefer GPS tracking solutions; Transportation & Logistics industry overcomes various challenges while keeping their shipments secure and drivers safe. With GPS vehicle tracking system they can save huge money on fleet’s operating costs, replace erratic drivers and also they can reduce their overhead cost by eliminating under-utilized vehicle etc.,

Along with the requirement of a well-organised system, a logistics and transport business relies on external factors such as road infrastructure, optimal utilisation of resources, demand-supply gaps, safe delivery and vehicle tracking. We offer you an efficient logistics transport system that offers the following benefits:


Night Time Driving Alerts

Safe and timely delivery of the goods is what makes a logistics business reliable. Be ensured of real-time tracking of night-time driving for safety. Our system provides instant alerts and updates on parameters such as unscheduled halts, oil change, change of zone or change of route that helps you catch misuse, and ensure safety of goods.

Door Sensor

A door sensor employed by our system keeps a record of the number of times the chamber or container door is opened and shut. This feature aids in keeping a track if there happens to be any off-the-trend activity that hampers a safe delivery. It is widely used in security area to detect illegal open or movement of doors, windows and drawers, etc.

Weight sensor

Another important feature of our logistics transport system is the weight sensor. This sensor captures the set weight of the goods and notifies you if there is an unplanned increase or decrease in the container weight. It not only ensures prevention from theft of goods, but also helps in avoiding any malpractices during transport.

Fuel Status

A good logistics transport system requires efficient planning of fuel consumption and re-fill. Our smart device provides several benefits if someone tries to steal fuel or contaminate it. You will also be able to track actual mileage and its transmission.

Schedule Trips

Be ensured of a live update of the customers' timelines, your schedules and your commitment to the customers. Good business is further boosted with well-planned and timely delivery of the goods. Our logistics transport system helps you plan and reschedule trips efficiently considering different facors for a successful delivery.

Driver Management

Drivers are the most important human resource for a logistics company. Efficient management of their duties not only help in better productivity but also helps in creating a atmosphere conducive for growth.Our advanced web portal helps you keep detailed summary of each & every driver in your fleet.

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