Pet Tracking

Pet Tracking

Pet owners know the pain of losing a pet. At times it is the pet who unknowingly gets lost and is unable to trace the way home, this waterproof pet tracking system can also be worn during swimming and baths to avoid its misplacement.

We believe that pets and their owners have a special bond. Strengthen that bond by always knowing the exact location of your furry friends, directly on your smartphone.
Additionally, it offers the following features:


Location Tracking

Our system is designed to provide you with information on the location of the pet not only after is it lost, but also when you check for it as per your convenience. You can also track the live movement and location of your pet on your mobile device to identify peculiar patterns or mark out areas that are frequently visited.


The geo-fencing feature allows you to create a virtual fence for your Pets This fence can include areas of their daily activities and commute. You will be sent an alert in case your pets cross this virtual fence. You can then check on their location to confirm if they have ventured voluntarily or it is a case of emergency.

Robust and Waterproof

If your pet loves to be outdoors, we have the right product for you. Thanks to its minimalist design, Track My Car GPS devices are very robust, 100% waterproof and almost unbreakable.

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