Public Transport

Public Transport

An increase in the population and migration towards the cities puts pressure on the public transport systems. With the ever-growing issues regarding traffic and violation of traffic regulations, an increased number of people are opting to travel by private transport.

We, at Track My car, provide effective systems that are aimed at tracking public buses and monitor the rides for a good travel experience. Our system ensures effective management of public bus transport, faster emergency response, and improved conveyance management.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, Track My car's public transport tracking system delivers the following advantages:


Speed Alerts

Safety being of top priority when it comes to public transport, our public transport tracking system offers instant alerts on over-speeding. This live-tracking feature allows authorities to take immediate action in emergency cases and in cases of over-speeding.

Fuel Optimisation

Increase operational efficiency of vehicles with our fuel tracking system. This allows you to track the time and location of fuel re-fill, and also tracks the distance covered after each fuel re-fill. Achieve cost-effectiveness with an analysis of the transport routes and updated information on fuel stations and vehicle fuel consumption.

Drive-Time Optimisations

Equipped with a GPS-based tracking feature, our public transport tracking system provides exact location of the bus round-the-clock. Transport officials can keep a track of a bus route and monitor drivers' activities. Be ensured of automated alerts in cases of sudden change of route, unsafe driving or over-speeding. This feature makes the drivers accountable for their actions and ensures the delivery of a safe public transport system.

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