Sales force Tracking system

Sales force Tracking system

With an important section of employees venturing out to gather sales and business for your company, it is important to keep a track of the active functioning of the sales force. Our sales force tracking system is not merely to keep a track of their location and time. It also helps you to create well-organized plans for the task force while also monitoring its execution. The sales force tracking system by Track My Car offers swift operational efficiency through the following features:


Live monitoring

Get instant and live updates about the status of a task and location of your task force through this sales force tracking system. Its real-time monitoring feature also sends updates of field teams entering and leaving a designated work area.

Create Trips

This system allows you to create and execute field trips based on the employee attendance status and location details. Depending on the available employees at a particular location, you can change or create fresh and effective trip schedules for good performance. Moreover, employees can also be given directions to reach the designated location to prevent any delay due to inconvenience.

The Solution

Track My Car helps you track attendance of your sales employee, their location using GPS. You can also track their daily movement, visit details, meeting time and sales order they have got, all in real time.

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