School Bus Tracking

School Bus Tracking

Parents as well as school authorities expect a safe journey for their children when it comes to using school bus services. A good school bus service not only ensures timely pick-up and drop, but also offers a safe drive.

Track My Car understand the importance of a well-organized school bus tracking system. Keeping all the users in mind such as parents, children and school authorities, we have developed a highly effective system to keep a track of the different aspects of a school bus service. Our school bus tracking system offers the following advantages:


Ensures Child Safety

Our system provides real-time location tracking of the school bus with pinpoint accuracy. The system is designed to provide SOS alerts in case of route deviations, unauthorised stops & delay. With a full-proof system in place the parents can be rest assured of their child’s safety.

Driver Revisions

School authorities can keep a live track of different routes and movement of their buses. A large number of buses can me monitored in an organised manner. Performance records of drivers can be compared to suggest improvement.

Regular Vehicle Reports

Track My Car’s School Bus Tracking System has a powerful reporting engine which generates important reports based on critical parameters.These reports help in accessing financial data of vehicle expenditures, on-road maintenance, fuel bills etc.

Highly Cost & Time Efficient

A good system should not only help an organisation save costs but should also ensure superior time management.Our advanced system is highly cost & time efficient. The system will recover its cost within the first six month of operations & will help you maintain superior productivity.

Instant Alerts of Pickups and Drops

With a real-time tracking of the bus location, parents can safely expect instant updates and alerts of the schedule of the bus and the pickup and drop timings. Updates are also provided on delays due to factors such as traffic, unauthorised stops, or change of route.

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