Senior Citizen & Child Tracking

Senior Citizen & Child Tracking

Most of the youth population is tied up with a full-day routine job. This often leaves them unable to attend to the needs of elders and children at home. We provide you with a system that helps safely track the location of elders and children to prevent them from venturing into unknown and unsafe territories. This system with a long battery life, offers the following advantages:



The geo-fencing feature allows you to create a virtual fence for your elders and children. This fence can include areas of their daily activities and commute. You will be sent an alert in case your loved ones cross this virtual fence. You can then check on their location to confirm if they have ventured voluntarily or it is a case of emergency.

Instant alerts

The GPS feature of this tracking system allows you to instantly access the location of your loved ones in case of emergencies. You can peacefully get ahead with your work, being assured of instant and real-time alerts in situations that require your immediate help.

Remote Monitoring

Use the App to send remote monitoring command to watch, watch will automatically call back, there will be no voice in watch side, but your phone can listin everything around watch.

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