Taxi Dispatch System

Taxi Dispatch System

Whether your cab company owns a few cars or a few hundred cars, you need GPS tracking for taxi cabs to manage your fleet properly. With a GPS tracking system, you know exactly where your cabs are at all times. You don't have to worry that your drivers are taking unauthorized routes or brakes. Plus, you can use information from the Track My Car to make decisions that will benefit your customers.
Track My Car Having instant access and access to historical driving information can help cab companies recognize a variety of things that can be crucial to the successful continuation of business operations. For example, through the use of vehicle tracking data a cab company can determine whether a driver is using or misusing company mobile assets, gauge how long it takes for a driver to meet a customer from the moment the customer places a phone call into dispatch, recognize unsafe driving practices such as speeding and a wealth of other driving and geolocational information.


Driver Management

Our advanced web portal helps you keep detailed summary of each & every driver in your fleet. The safety records, driving routes & other important details of your driver are now at your fingertips.

Vendor management

Keeping track of multiple vendors should no longer be a hassle. Keep up-to-date records of all your vendor using a simple easy to backend control. Link them to maintenance & fuel records.

Customer Bookings

Customer bookings facility is another important aspect of taxi service that ensures customer satisfaction. Our taxi dispatch system not only allows for efficient agent-management but also provides options to manage customer bookings effectively.

Vehicle Booking

Dump that paper work, multiple excel sheet which you have been using to manage your vehicle bookings. Our Fleet management solution is equipped with advanced vehicle booking management system. Centralize all your booking records the fast simple & easy way.

Vehicle Expence Manager

Vehicle maintenance is one of the major operational costs for every fleet management company. Using our advanced system you can keep a track on every single aspect of this critical expense. Maintenance history, part replacements, inventory management, purchase orders all streamlined for better management & improved margins.

Higher Work Rate

A good taxi service is not about merely providing a taxi for commute. It is also about delivering quality, and this includes safe and efficient driving. We provide a taxi management system that allows you to keep a track of the drivers' performance, and compare the data to get the best work output from the fleet. The higher work rate leads to higher profitability for the company coupled with superior service.

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