Temperature Monitoring System

Temperature Monitoring System

Temperature control is of utmost importance when it comes to the transport of perishable goods and commodities. Our experience of working with the cold-chain industry helps us understand your requirement of the same. Our temperature monitoring system delivers convenient, real-time temperature data right to your desktop or mobile device. Know exactly when trailer temperatures drop below or rise above your predetermined points so you can take action the moment your cargo is compromised.

We, at Track My Car, have designed a temperature monitoring system that helps you keep a real-time track of the compartment temperature during the safe transport of your goods.


Track Temperature for a Specific Time

Temperature monitoring and tracking can happen across various parameters. The system developed at Track My Car not only provides information on temperature tracking across different locations, but also provides temperature updates for different times of the day. This helps to ensure steady temperature as at the time of loading your goods.

Individual Trip Summary

Detailed summary of every trip is recorded in the system. This important information ensures a consistently maintained temperature on the vehicle & a hassle free transport of perishable goods. The system will provide instant alerts the moment a transport chamber shows discrepancy with the desired temperature.

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